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Sacyr and Valoriza sign an agreement with the University of Chile for the treatment of acid water from mining

Sacyr and Valoriza, together with the University of Chile through the Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC), have signed an agreement to implement the project, "Research and design of a passive treatment system of acid mine drainage, especially optimized for the weather and geographic conditions of Chile".

The objective of this study is to develop methodologies for treating acid water that will allow improving water quality and the progressive recovery of those affected by acid drainage.

In this project, which is partially financed by InnovaChile of CORFO, a new passive treatment system for acidic water will be researched and designed in the laboratory. The system will be capable of decontaminating flow rates and contaminant concentrations that are highly variable, thereby at least reaching a minimum quality that allows use of the water for irrigation. After this stage, the project will suggest a prototype for the design and construction of a treatment plant using the system.