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Microbiology and Environmental Techniques Group of Universidad of Granada (MITA Group)

The Civil Engineering Department of the University of Granada is working in different projects related to water treatment, searching for the development of new technologies. One of these projects is the development of biofilm systems. 

All of this experience confers to the Research Group MITA a vast experience in the application of biofilm and the monitoring and characterization of microorganisms involve in the process to develop nutrients elimination systems for waste water.


Stiftinga Vestlandsforsking (Vestforsk)

Vestlandsforsking is an assignment-based research institute. The institute is organised as a foundation and was established on 6 March 1985. Sogn and Fjordane county municipality was the formal founder. The institute is located in Sogndal, by the Sognefjord in the western part of Norway. The institute has 30 employees and an annual turnover of approximately 27 million €.

The speciality of the institute is Industrial Ecology, which concerns environmental issues associated with industrial systems and industrial products. This includes research on increasing our knowledge of how to reduce the environmental impact of industrial production and products.

Another challenge is Sustainable Mobility. The thinking behind the effeciency strategy is that we need to develop technological solutions (conventional and alternative), which makes transportation more efficient with regard to fuel consumption and emissions.


Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS (FILTRALITE).

The Saint-Gobain Weber is the leading premix and exclay producer and provider of premix plants and machinery in Europe with more than 100 plants in some 30 countries. 10.000 employees contribute to an annual turnover exceeding about 2 billion EUR.

The Saint-Gobain Weber manufactures lightweight aggregates that are sold as finished products or are used to manufacture blocks and assembly units. Lightweight aggregates products are used as filling material for road projects, other geotechnical purposes, insulation, building blocks and chimneys, and also for water purification.


Guadalagua y Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara 

It also very important the collaboration and support of enterprise Guadalagua integrated by Valoriza Water and the Council of Guadalajara, without their support, the project would not be possible. The experimental part will be performed at the WWTP Guadalajara, managed by the company Guadalagua.

Consorcio Denitox