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Denitox project objetives

This innovative technology will achieve a reduction up to 80% of the amount of generated sludge (especially the sludge that isn’t reusable for the agricultural sector), and a reduction of energy consumption around 70% respect on conventional processes (nitrification-denitrification).

This project will be innovative around the world: the autotrophic anaerobic oxidation process has never been patented or applied at full scale.

An added advantage of this project is that it could run at low (room) temperature which is entirely innovative, since the autotrophic oxidation process has been only optimized at temperature between 28-30°C. That could involve an extra reduction of energy consumption, or the possibility to apply it to the main water stream.

Finally, the configuration of the system will be in the forefront of autotrophic nitrogen removal technologies in a single stage (one-step process), applying the technology known as CANON (Complete Autotrophic Nitrogen Removal Over Nitrite) compared to other technologies in two stages studied so far (Partial nitrification / Anammox ).

The new technology will improve the performance of existing technologies in the marketplace, regarding to environmental and energetic efficiency as well as the cost as a whole, due to:
  • Thanks to the system is closed  maintaining temperature will be easier than in open systems, therefore will be suitable of working at low ambient temperatures, which will mean a higher performance of the process.
  • Applying a one-step process will reduce the volume of reactor required compared to conventional autotrophic process in two stages 
  • A significant reduction of energy consumption will be achieved in the WWTP, and also its carbon footprint, because of the lower oxygen requirements and the low DO concentration needed. 
  • Overall efficiency of N removal improved, reducing discharges to the environment.
  • Significant reduction of sludge production.
As a consequence of all of these advantages the environmental footprint of the WWTP will be improved.

Objetivos Denitox